Black Umbrella Tattoo Gallery is the private studio of Jesse Hornbuckle located in Phoenix Arizona. A dedicated and experienced tattoo artist of 12yrs, he has tattooed countless designs over the course of his career. The artwork produced shows that he is very versatile and eclectic with so many styles to choose from. He can do most tattoos with ease. Everything from Neo Traditional to Japanese, and much more. He decided to open a location of his own to have complete control of the vibe of the shop. The experience, the artwork, the client's experience, mixed in with some chillout electronica playing in the background! There is also an art gallery with most of his work and many others. The ambience you encounter just walking in will be nothing but amazing.


Since a small child, Jesse has always doodled or was buried in coloring books. As he got older he gravitated towards the skateboarding artwork, then SD, and LA gang graffiti. Then, out of nowhere, graffiti became the star of his show. Diving in head first, he began learning how to manipulate lettering and the perspective view of making them 3D. Coloring and shading came naturally. But after working with lettering for a few years, he always loved the amazing characters added to most wall murals. They were a bit more challenging than he expected but became very successful at them later in his life.

After attending The Art Institute of Phoenix, he was designing logos and t-shirts designs for personal use and even started his own clothing company. Sponsoring 4 local bands, 5 local clothing stores carried the brand, and he even toured with the bands selling his apparel. Working a full-time 9-5 job and printing shirts out of half a garage, only because the other half was a hotrod, he wanted to get away from the computer drawing and back to hand drawn artwork. He sold his printing equipment to begin his artistic journey.


Finding himself alone with just a piece of paper was new to him. The images that would come after this may not have been pretty but over time, these practices would pave the way to an amazing future and career. Night after night, endless amounts of sketches, and producing an image or designs of some sort was accomplished. Gravitating towards tattooing because of the amount of different styles to choose from, he begin finding he can do just about every style. Portraits and photo realism was never his interest and stayed clear of them. Black outline with color and/or realistic shading. So, after buying a few tattoo supplies and having an abundance of willing friends, family, and co-workers, he was tattooing images that had so much more to them than he could have imagined. He immediatly fell in love with the process. And having worked in multiple cleanrooms and wrote a number of cross contamination protocols for surgical devices, tattoo sterilization and cross contamination protocols would be second nature to him. 


Very funny and very personable, Jesse will always make sure everyone is happy in the room. If you talk to him, you will feel like you have known him for years!


2340 W Bell Rd #129 Phoenix,AZ 85023



Tuesday - Saturday       12pm - 7pm




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